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Two days ago, Ross, the former Asia-Pacific chairman of the US Republican Party, made headlines by accusing Chinese netizens of being unsympathetic to Jews because of topics related to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, which aroused everyone’s discussion. After a passerby and netizen saw it, he quoted scriptures and wrote a long article in one breath, giving this Jewish-American Republican member a history lesson. Then, the Republican secretly deleted the comment.

The original author is unknown, however this article he wrote in reply to the former Asia-Pacific chairman of the US Republican Party was leaked, recorded and circulated.

A must read for everyone

How strong is the fighting power of Chinese netizens?

Hello Mr. Enge, I was extremely shocked and angry when I saw your reply to netizens.

What I want to refute is your statement that “during World War II, if the world had helped the Jews, 6 million Jews would not have been killed.”

This cannot be the reason nor does this entitled you to massacre and commit genocide on the Palestinians.

In addition, this statement is wrong.

During World War II, Shanghai, Nanjing in China, was suffering from aggression and horrendous genocide under the Japanese while the Jews were under the holocaust under the Nazis.

Yet China during this period of immense suffering under the massacre and carnage by the Japanese, China unconditionally accepted more than 50,000 Jewish people who escape into China.

But the Jews way of repaying this was to COLLUDE with the Japanese and try to establish a Jewish state in Northeast China!

This is the famous “Pufferfish Plan.” Fortunately, the plan ultimately failed, and their incomparable “Farmer and Snake” story failed to materialize in China.

What is even more unbelievable is that just two weeks ago, staff of the Israeli embassy openly claimed on camera that their location was the French Concession on the streets of Shanghai.

Of course, when it comes to the relationship between China and the Jews, it goes far beyond that.

It was first used in the Song Dynasty, about a thousand years ago. The Jews entered China as a wandering people and thrived in this land.

As the most prosperous dynasty in ancient China, the Song Dynasty enjoyed enough dividends here.

However, when the Southern Song Dynasty was ruined and its subjects were fleeing south, a Jewish businessman surnamed Pu used private soldiers to kill a large number of Southern Song subjects and sent their corpses to the Yuan army as a vote of surrender.

Decades later, Zhu Yuanzhang overthrew the Yuan Dynasty and established the Ming Dynasty. The Han people regained power, but they did not liquidate the Jews.

There was also the Opium War. In order to make money, the Sassoon family, a Jewish businessman, dumped opium into China. The Chinese people suffered huge trauma and death. You have lived in Asia for a long time, so you should be familiar with this.

The Chinese have never felt sorry for the Jews, because China began to accept moral education as early as three thousand years ago.

“Shangshu” – the earliest surviving classic in China, was written in the 10th century BC, exactly three thousand years ago. At that time, the Jews should have just been expelled from the so-called Promised Land and started their wandering life.

If you are familiar with your past, you should be aware of the past.

The Egyptians took the Jews in, but the Jews betrayed the Egyptians several times, and the Jews were finally massacred and expelled by the Pharaoh.

Ancient Rome took the Jews in and even set up a province for Jews to live in groups. But the Jews took advantage of King Trajan’s eastward expedition and the country’s defenses were empty to launch a rebellion.

After defeating a handful of defenders, the Jews massacred civilians crazily, even peeling off the victims’ skins to make clothes, eating their flesh, and feeding their corpses to wild beasts.

In Cyprus, Salamis, and Libya, a total of 220,000 civilians were massacred by the Jews.

In front of the civilians, the Jews were so cruel, but unexpectedly, Trajan only returned two legions and defeated the Jews back to their original shape.

The angry Roman legions fought from Mesopotamia along the eastern coast of the Mediterranean to Egypt, and the Jews living in this area were almost exterminated. Later, the Jews launched another rebellion and aimed the butcher knife at Christians. A large number of civilians who believed in Christianity were killed.

But the Jews unfortunately, met Hadrian, one of the wisest kings of Rome. Hadrian mobilized 120,000 people to massacre the Jews.

Hadrian learned the lessons of Trajan’s period, abolished the Jewish provinces, and dispersed the Jewish community. Since then, the Jews have officially begun their life in exile in the world.

There was also Titus who later massacred the city in Jerusalem, the former Second Temple, so there was only one Western Wall left. From then on, your people the Jews wept here every day.

For thousands of years, the Jews have suffered countless massacres and deportations. Countless nations have sympathized with you, but you Jews have repaid them with countless betrayals.

Even so, Jews always think arrogantly that they are a superior nation and are the chosen people of God and are superior to others.

The Zionist Jews have never reflected on past lessons and it is concluded that their culture is naturally destructive, vilifying, exclusive and hostile to other nations.

However, all this does not work in China. The Chinese people have their own moral values. The Chinese people never feel that they are a superior nation, they always treat others as Equal and the Chinese are never afraid of any nation with a strong sense of “superiority” or “arrogance” or “exceptionalism”!

Chinese people are tolerant, have a sense of shame, a strong sense of gratitude, know how to reflect, and know how to repay kindness.

John Rabe, a Nazi who saved Chinese people during the Nanjing Massacre, and every Chinese who knows him are grateful.

Two years ago, the hospital where his grandson worked was short of medicines and asked the Chinese Embassy in Germany for help. The Chinese people immediately donated money and materials.

The president of the Swedish Red Cross,- during World War II, 35,000 people were rescued from concentration camps, 6,000 of whom were Jews. Later, when he was sent to Jerusalem by the United Nations to confirm the border issue between the newly established Israel and Palestine, he was shot six times BY THE JEWS and died on the spot just because he said a few words of justice.

During World War II, Yugoslavia rescued a Jewish girl. 50 years later, she personally ordered the indiscriminate bombing of Yugoslavia and dismembered it with her own hands.

Many years later, when she was asked by a reporter in an interview “whether she regretted bombing Yugoslavia”, she replied “NO”. She became the first female Secretary of State of the United States – Madeleine Albright.

In the 60 Minutes interview in 1996 Albright said that the US sanctions against Irag which killed half a million children was “the price that was WORTH it”! The war on Irag was an illegal war which decimated the civilians and the country – US’s erroneously justify the war in Irag and convince the world that Irag had “weapons of mass destruction“ by showing a handful of washing powder in the news media!
Albright blatantly said “killing millions of children was worth it “!

In 1947, the Jews came to Palestine by boat. On the refugee boat it was written, “The Germans have destroyed our home, please do not destroy our hope.”

The kind-hearted Palestinians have accepted the Jews and they said that “this is our promised land.“ For more than 70 years, the Zionist Jews have slaughtered the Palestinians their benefactors day and night, creating an Apartheid Regime – the largest open-air prison in history
and treated the Palestinians as subhumans!

How much more sympathy do people around the world need to satisfy you when you have no gratitude and base on your history you repay kindness and acceptance with betrayal and are prepared to commit genocide ? ? ?

There is a sentence in the ancient Chinese classic “The Death March”:

“If a country is small but does not feel humble, if it is small but does not fear the strong, if it is rude and insults its big neighbors, if it is greedy and ignorant of friends, it will PERISH!”

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