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Let's Stand up together for peace in Palestine!
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How You Can Get Involved?

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Read and forward!
Your Silence Kills.
Silence is complicity.
Silence is no option.
In silence we become compliances…

“Our enemy is colonization, our enemy is greed and our enemy is silence.”
These are the words of actor Susan Sarandon who urged pro-Palestine protestors to continue taking to the streets and for others to stand “on the right side of history.”

We call upon citizens around the world (citizens of the United States, Europe or any part of the world) to join hands on our campaign – if you’re looking to tell the full truth about Palestine, Gaza & Islam without fear.

We can’t forward endless videos and social media content to friends and colleagues. Instead, we invite you to join this ‘one-stop portal’ campaign.

❗️Please sign in above, and help us to spread, far and wide.

It’s important that everyone see strong EVIDENCE and graphic video proof which have been biased and omitted from mainstream media.

We condemn the manipulation of words that work to hide the clear evidence of Isr4el’s crimes and the oppression of Palestinians and call upon all to recognize such actions as journalistic malpractice and an abdication of moral clarity.

Palestine Conflict Explained Below.
Discover the whole truth!

  • A list of carefully selected MUST-WATCH VIDEOS – inspiring & heart-wrenching videos showcasing the Palestinians’ incredible faith and never-to-be-seen resilience.
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  • Get the full list of Palestinian Journalists to Add to Your Following List, complete with their social media links.
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  • You are welcome to share activities, stories, articles, movements, infographics, opinions, events, OR any ideas on supporting Palestine. Your content will be evaluate & published on our portal. You may choose to publish your name or act anonymously.
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  • List of Influencers That Converted to Islam Due To Palestine. Follow them & listen to their stories.
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  • List of Figures actively speaking the truth on Palestine, from Motaz Azaiza, Dr Omar Suleiman, Sheikh Hamza Yusuf and many more. Complete with their profile & social media links to follow. 
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  • Get the latest infographic & visual representation of what’s happening in Palestine. They are not just numbers!
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  • Explore to understand the real Palestine flag, Palestine map, and the rich heritage and lifestyle of Palestinians. Palestine before 1948, the food & recipes, and their clothing.
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  • Palestinian Products / Showcases all around the world. Let’s support them.
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  • List of carefully selected Palestinian Blogs / New Portals / Online Newspapers / NGOs, and Education Centers supporting Palestine.
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Understanding The Conflict

The main difference between this conflict and others before it is that the genocide, killings, suffering, forced expulsions and acts of blatant genocide are captured in real-time by social media. The whole world can see events as they happen in real time. The established mainstream news media of the world unfortunately has debased themselves by actually censoring and distorting the news to suit their shareholder’s desires. Their narratives have been rejected by a growing number of viewers worldwide. They seek alternative media.

The aim of this innovative news portal is an attempt to present a unified view of the Palestinian Narrative by merging available sources of social media information available on the internet in a one-stop location so that viewers can access this information and form their opinions and ideas. It is a view from the Other Side if you like.

The main objectives are as follows;

  1. Provide a rich source of information about events unfolding in the Middle East with a specific focus on Palestine
  2. Facilitate people to gain a basic understanding of Palestine, its peoples, their culture, history, conflict, and its roots with the beginning of settler colonialization after World War 2
  3. Provide analysis and commentaries on the implications of the actions of the actors in the conflict and what it means for the rest of us
  4. Provide a platform for discussions about the conflict, ideas on what to do, and what agencies and organizations you may want to join or contribute to in your work to support the Palestinian cause
  5. Participate in the global movement to expound on the Palestinian Narrative as well as to help form and shape public opinions