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There is always wisdom behind what Allah(swt) allows to happen in the world. We have witnessed over 30k innocent people get killed. And the numbers will grow. He has special places in heaven for each and everyone one of them, this I am sure of because His mercy has no limits.

All of them were set to live on Earth for a certain amount of time and then taken to live in heaven forever.

In order to keep the balance, He allowed hundreds of thousands of others to be blessed by converting to Islam. I work at a masjid, almost every single day there are conversions. At times 3 people taking shahada together and they are all young men and women, mostly white. Some of them talk about what made them convert and almost all will say they were moved by the conviction Gazans have in the mercy and trust in Allah(swt).

Allah’s plans are always the best!

Source: Hurunnessa Fariad

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