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Hezbollah targeted several Israeli military sites. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

An Israeli military truck, belonging to the 12th Brigade in the Israeli Golani Division, was among the Israeli vehicles ambushed by Hezbollah. 

The Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah announced a series of operations on Thursday, targeting Israeli soldiers and military sites and culminated in a series of ambushes in the occupied Sheeba Farms. 

Hezbollah said in a statement that the fighters “prepared a combined ambush of guided missiles, artillery, and rocket weapons for a mechanized convoy near the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied Lebanese hills of Kfar Shuba”.

“Upon its arrival at the ambush point (the convoy) was targeted with guided weapons, artillery, and missiles, which led to the destruction of two vehicles,” the statement continued, adding that “the enemy worked to create a smokescreen to cover the losses.”

For its part, the Israeli army announced an exchange of fire with Hezbollah where aircraft were also deployed. 

According to the Lebanese news network Al-Mayadeen, Israeli media were prevented from publishing details related to the incident.. However, the Israeli army spokesman described it as very difficult. 

On Friday morning, the Israeli army admitted to the killing of an Israeli, without providing further details. 

“An Israeli citizen was killed as a result of Hezbollah firing anti-tank missiles at Mount Dov during the early hours of Friday,” the Israeli army radio reported.

“In response, army aircraft attacked Hezbollah targets in the Shebaa region in southern Lebanon,” the radio added.

What Happened

Al-Mayadeen cited informed sources as saying that an Israeli military truck, belonging to the 12th Brigade in the Israeli Golani Division, was among the Israeli vehicles ambushed by Hezbollah. 

The same sources reportedly told Al-Mayadeen that the Israeli military trucks “were completely destroyed, directly hit by a guided missile near the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site”.

The source reportedly added that shells fired by Hezbollah “fell inside the Israeli site during a gathering of occupation soldiers, resulting in confirmed injuries.”

Al-Mayadeen correspondent in southern Lebanon confirmed that fire was directed towards the Israeli military site.

The correspondent added that the Israeli military force was targeted with various types of weapons and that the Israeli army combed the area to evacuate the injured among its troops. 

Meanwhile, Israeli infantry forces were reportedly ambushed in the vicinity of the military site in occupied Al-Malikiyah.

Al-Mayadeen also quoted Lebanese analyst Abbas Fneish as saying that Hezbollah is implementing its strategy of matching Israeli escalation “by expanding and deepening its scope of confrontation.”

The analyst added that, in the case of an Israeli invasion of the city of Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, Hezbollah will further escalate its operations.

(PC, Al-Mayadeen)

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