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Armed Jewish settlers, under the protection of Israeli forces, have stormed villages near Ramallah. (Photo: via QNN Twitter page)

By Palestinian Chronicle Staff

On Saturday morning, dozens of Jewish settlers, under the protection of the Israeli army, continued their rampage.

Armed Jewish settlers, under the protection of Israeli forces, have closed the entrances to towns in the occupied West Bank, following a night in which they went on the rampage and attacked villages, killing one Palestinian and injuring dozens.

On Friday night, Jihad Abu Aliya, 25, was shot and killed by live ammunition fired at his home in the village of Al-Mughayir, northeast of Ramallah, according to the official Palestinian news agency, WAFA. Around 25 others were injured in the attack.

The Deputy Chairman of the Al-Mughayir Village Council, Marzouq Abu Naim, said that at least 1,500 settlers stormed the town, accompanied by the Israeli army, according to WAFA.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society (PRCS) said that illegal Jewish settlers opened fire on one of its ambulances on the way to reach the wounded in the town.

The PRCS also said it dealt with at least 18 cases of injuries, one of them critical. Eight of those injuries were due to live ammunition fired on the residents.

Homes, Vehicles Burnt

Around 40 Palestinian homes and vehicles were set alight, the report said.

Jewish settlers reportedly claimed to be searching for a 14-year-old Jewish boy who went missing on Friday morning.

Elsewhere, five Palestinians were injured on Friday night in an attack by Jewish settlers on the village of Abu Falah, located northeast of Ramallah.

The PRCS teams treated 5 injured Palestinians who were assaulted by settlers, with two of them transferred to the hospital, WAFA reported.

The settlers attacked the village from the east, traveling in vehicles with Palestinian license plates following the withdrawal of Israeli forces from the area, the report said. They assaulted several youths, injuring five of them, one in the head.

The settlers also opened fire on homes in the town, with at least 12 vehicles, four greenhouses, and five motorcycles set alight.

Condemnation by Hamas

The Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas has condemned the settler attacks saying it is part of “the occupation’s frantic efforts to seize more land in the West Bank, Judaize them, and expel their owners under the weight of intimidation, killing and massacres.”

Hamas criticized the “international inaction to stop these ongoing crimes.”

“We demand the international community and the United Nations to stand by their responsibilities and urgently act to stop the crimes and violations” being committed against Palestinians in the West Bank.

On Saturday morning, dozens of Jewish settlers, under the protection of the Israeli army, continued their rampage, closing the entrances to the towns of Silwad and Turmus-Aya in Ramallah, according to WAFA.

Passing Palestinian vehicles were stoned, and vehicles were also not allowed to enter or leave, the report said.

Two Killed

Also on Friday, two Palestinians were shot dead by Israeli occupation forces during a raid in Tubas in the northern West Bank, WAFA reported.

One of the Palestinians was killed after Israeli forces opened fire on his vehicle.

The PRCS confirmed that the body of a young man had been recovered from his car near the Tammoun Junction, south of Tubas.

Another Palestinian, who was identified as Muhammad Shahmawi, was shot and killed by Israeli gunfire during their military incursion into the Al-Far’a camp, south of Tubas, the report said.


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