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Palestinian Resistance continued to target gathering of Israeli soldiers. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

If one were to draw a map, highlighting all Israeli military areas targeted by the Resistance in Gaza, and outside Gaza today, it would cover a very large expanse. 

It included Khan Younis, Sheikh Ajlin in Gaza City, and Deir Al-Balah among other areas. 

Al-Quds Brigades also reported that its fighters have shelled several areas inside Israel, including Naqab, Asqalan, Sderot and Nir Am.  

Below are the latest statements by the two main Resistance forces in Gaza, and the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah. 

The statements were communicated via their Telegram channels and are published here in their original form. 

Al-Quds Brigades (Palestinian Islamic Jihad)

“After our fighters returned from the clash points in Khan Yunis, they confirmed that they carried out a number of missions:

“- Targeting a special Zionist force holed up in a building with an anti-armor and fortifications shell, and they blew up a Zionist tank with a Barq-shock explosive device in the same place.

“- Our fighters shot down a Zionist drone and took control of it.

“- Our fighters targeted gatherings of enemy soldiers with a barrage of 60-caliber standard mortar shells around Al-Amal Hospital and the Al-Arishiya area on the axes of advance west of Khan Younis.

“In conjunction with the Omar Al-Qasim Forces, we bombarded with mortar shells a gathering of enemy soldiers and vehicles in the Sheikh Ajlin area, west of Gaza City.

“This afternoon, we bombed the Kfar Azza settlement with a barrage of heavy-caliber mortar shells.

“We bombed Netivot and its vicinity in the western Naqab with a rocket barrage in response to the Zionist enemy’s crimes against our people. 

“We bombed Asqalan, Sderot, Nir Am and the settlements of the Gaza envelope with rocket barrages in response to the Zionist enemy’s crimes against our people.”

Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas)

“Al-Qassam Brigades target a Zionist Merkava 4 tank with an Al-Yassin 105 shell east of Deir Al-Balah in the central Gaza Strip.”


“In support of the steadfast Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip and in backing their noble resistance, the Islamic Resistance executed a number of operations against positions and deployments of the Israeli enemy army at the Lebanese-Palestinian border on Thursday, 04-04-2024, as follows:

“- Eastern sector:

1- At 15:50, targeting an Israeli technical team while conducting maintenance of technical and espionage equipment at the Bayad Blida site using appropriate weapons.

2- At 17:20, targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Alam site in the occupied hills of Kfar Shuba with artillery shells.

3- At 17:45, targeting the Ruwaisat Al-Qarn site in the occupied Shebaa farms with rocket weapons.

“- Western sector:

1- At 13:45, targeting the headquarters of the newly established “Liman” Brigade with artillery shells.

2- At 14:08, targeting the positions of Israeli soldiers behind the Jal Al-Alam site with rocket weapons.”

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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