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Displaced Palestinians in Rafah. (Photo: Mahmoud Ajjour, The Palestine Chronicle)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

Israeli media reported that one Israeli was killed and several others were wounded in Safed following a bombing of the city from Lebanon. Hezbollah reportedly used precise missiles and the Iron Dome failed to intercept the last one.

According to US media reports, negotiations for a possible prisoner exchange deal did not result in any tangible progress.

Meanwhile, Israel’s bombing of Gaza continued to kill Palestinian civilians, including writer and journalist Ayman al-Rafati.

According to Gaza’s Ministry of Health, 28,473 Palestinians have been killed, and 68,106 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

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Wednesday, February 14, 11:30 pm (GMT+2)

ISRAELI MINISTRY OF DEFENSE: The Medical Rehabilitation Department has treated more than 5,500 wounded since the beginning of the war.

ISRAELI FM: South Africa continues to represent Hamas’ interests.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli occupation aircraft had recently launched raids on areas in the city of Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: the African Union prevented an Israeli delegation from entering its headquarters to present its point of view regarding the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: The health condition of colleague Ismail Abu Omar deteriorated after renewed bleeding in his left leg following his injury yesterday in an Israeli bombing in Rafah.

BEN-GVIR: Israeli Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir said that Palestinian prisoner and leader Marwan Barghouti was transferred from Ofer prison near Ramallah to isolation following information about a planned intifada in the West Bank.

Wednesday, February 14, 10:00 pm (GMT+2)

ISRAELI MEDIA: A demonstration took place in front of the residence of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Jerusalem, demanding a return to negotiations to release prisoners.

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sounded a short while ago in the vicinity of Gaza and Ashkelon.

KAN: : Gantz and Eisenkot will demand full participation in decision-making.

Wednesday, February 14, 7:30 pm (GMT+2)

FBI: The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) said that its director, Christopher Wray, visited Israel today, to discuss the threats of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

GERMANY FM: German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said that Israel’s military operation in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, would lead to a humanitarian catastrophe.

UN ADVISOR ON PREVENTION OF GENOCIDE: The risk of committing brutal crimes in Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip, is serious and real.

US STATE DEPARTMENT: We are concerned about the development of the situation on the Lebanese border.

NETANYAHU: We will fight until victory, which includes a strong operation in Rafah.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: The number of people killed in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house in the Nuseirat camp in the central Gaza Strip has risen to 14.

Wednesday, February 14, 7:30 pm (GMT+2)

JAKE SULLIVAN: We are working to bring more humanitarian aid into Gaza. We will provide capabilities for Israel to defend itself after the Senate.

ANSARALLAH: An American-British raid north of Hodeidah.

RED CROSS: Any large-scale attack on Rafah would be a massacre.

Wednesday, February 14, 6:00 pm (GMT+2)


The US deputy delegate to the UN Security Council accused Iran of supplying the Houthis with weapons that they used to attack ships in the Red Sea.

The Chinese delegate to the Security Council said that the situation in the Red Sea is escalating and the region is on the verge of extreme danger.

The Russian deputy delegate to the Security Council said that he considered that an immediate ceasefire in Gaza would help stabilize the situation in the Red Sea.

MACRON: I expressed to Netanyahu my strong opposition to the attack on Rafah.

ANSARALLAH: American-British aggression with two raids on Hodeidah.

NETANYAHU: Israel will not submit to Hamas’ demands. There is no new proposal from Hamas in Cairo regarding the prisoner agreement, and only a change in its position will allow progress to occur.

ISRAELI ARMY: The Israeli army said it had completed a wave of large-scale raids on Lebanon, including targets of Hezbollah’s Radwan Force.

Wednesday, February 14, 5:00 pm (GMT+2)

AL-QUDS BRIGADES: in conjunction with the Ansar Brigades, bombed gatherings of Israeli soldiers and vehicles in the northern Gaza Strip with mortar shells.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Four Palestinians were martyred in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house west of the Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Wednesday, February 14, 4:00 pm (GMT+2)

GANTZ: The one responsible for launching rockets from Lebanon is not only Hezbollah, but the state of Lebanon.

Wednesday, February 14, 3:00 pm (GMT+2)

AL-JAZEERA: The sound of new explosions were heard in the border area with Lebanon in the Upper Galilee, and an explosion was also heard in the city of Haifa.


A woman and her two children were killed in an Israeli raid on the town of Al-Sawwaneh, while 4 others were injured in another raid on the town of Adshit in southern Lebanon.

4 were killed and 11 wounded in two Israeli raids on the towns of Al-Sawaneh and Adshit in southern Lebanon.

ISRAELI ARMY: 15 soldiers were injured in the battles taking place in the Gaza Strip during the past 24 hours.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Israeli warplanes carried out successive violent raids on southern Gaza City.

ISRAELI ARMY: The Israeli army announced that the Air Force had begun a series of raids on Lebanon.

Wednesday, February 14, 2:00 pm (GMT+2)

ISRAELI ARMY RADIO: Israeli Army Radio reported that the Rehabilitation Department is preparing to receive 20,000 wounded this year after receiving 5,500 last year.

SPAIN, IRELAND: Spain and Ireland called for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza to prevent further deterioration.

PA PRESIDENT ABBAS: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas called on Hamas to quickly complete a prisoner exchange deal in order to avoid a possible Israeli attack on the city of Rafah that could result in thousands of casualties.

Wednesday, February 14, 1:00 pm (GMT+2)

HAMAS: Hamas warned of the catastrophic humanitarian situation facing the displaced, medical staff, and the wounded at Nasser Hospital in Khan Yunis, south of the Gaza Strip.

UN RAPPORTEUR ON HUMAN RIGHTS: Palestinians in Gaza are threatened with displacement.

MSF: We are very concerned about the situation at Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis. We call on the Israeli forces to ensure the safety of medical staff, patients and displaced people at Nasser Hospital.

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: Israeli occupation forces forced thousands of displaced people to evacuate the Nasser Medical Complex in Khan Yunis, south of the Strip.

AL-JAZEERA: Heavy Israeli aircraft overflights in the border areas with Lebanon and over the Galilee region.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: a number of Palestinians were injured as a result of an Israeli artillery shelling targeting the east of the Maghazi camp in the central Gaza Strip.

Wednesday, February 14, 12:00 pm (GMT+2)

GAZA HEALTH MINISTRY: 28,576 Palestinians have been killed, and 68,291 wounded in Israel’s ongoing genocide in Gaza starting on October 7.

Wednesday, February 14, 11:00 am (GMT+2)

ISRAELI MEDIA: The Israeli War Council is examining how to respond to the bombing launched by Hezbollah on the city of Safed in the Upper Galilee, which left one dead and eight wounded.

CHANNEL 12: Israeli Channel 12 reported from Ziv Hospital in Safed that 8 wounded were receiving treatment in the hospital, one of them in serious condition, after a bombing that targeted the city.

PALESTINIAN MEDIA: Three Palestinians, including writer and journalist Ayman al-Rafati, were martyred in an Israeli bombing that targeted a house on Al-Jalaa Street in Gaza City.

KAN: The Israeli army confirmed that rockets were launched from Lebanon and targeted a military base in the city of Safed.

ISRAELI MEDIA: The seven wounded in the bombing that targeted the Upper Galilee were Israeli soldiers.

Wednesday, February 14, 10:00 am (GMT+2)

AL-JAZEERA: Sirens sounded in the Al-Manara area in the Upper Galilee, where a missile strike targeted the city of Safed, causing direct casualties.

CHENNEL 14: An Israeli settler was killed by the bombing that targeted the city of Safed in Upper Galilee.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Iron Dome failed to intercept a Hezbollah missile.

KAN: 5 people were taken to the hospital in Safed following a bombing of the city, while the Israeli ambulance said that there were 4 wounded following a bombing of the city of Safed in the Upper Galilee.

Wednesday, February 14, 08:00 am (GMT+2)

ISRAELI MEDIA: A building was directly hit in the city of Safed in the Upper Galilee by rockets fired from Lebanon.

Wednesday, February 14, 04:00 am (GMT+2)

UN: 30% of Gaza’s schools were directly bombed.

SOUTH AFRICA: Israel’s attack on Rafah ignores International Justice resolutions.

Wednesday, February 14, 03:00 am (GMT+2)

US MEDIA: Cairo negotiations regarding a possible exchange deal between Israel and Hamas did not result in tangible progress.

Wednesday, February 14, 01:00 am (GMT+2)

UN RAPPORTEURS: United Nations rapporteurs stressed the need to allow peaceful demonstrations in various countries to support the Gaza Strip in the face of ongoing Israeli attacks.

KAN: The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation reported, citing sources in the Likud Party – headed by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – that opposition leader Yair Lapid cannot continue to act irresponsibly and harm negotiations whose details he does not know.

ISRAELI MEDIA: Israeli opposition leader Yair Lapid called on the Ministers of the War Council, Gadi Eisenkot and Benny Gantz, to join him in opposing the draft law on conscription, which exempts religious Jews (Haredim) from military service.

Wednesday, February 14, 12:00 am (GMT+2)

KAN: Hamas’ position on the deal has not changed.

WFP: The United Nations World Food Program said it was “deeply concerned” by Israel’s expanded military offensive in the city of Rafah, where more than a million people live.

POLITICO (citing US officials): Washington will not hold Tel Aviv accountable if it launches an attack on Rafah.

YEMENI MEDIA: American and British raids on Hodeidah Governorate.

US STATE DEPARTMENT: A prisoner exchange agreement between Israel and Hamas is still possible.

(The Palestine Chronicle)

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