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An Al-Qassam field commander talks about the nature of the fighting between the Palestinian Resistance and Israel. (Photo: video grab)

By Palestine Chronicle Staff  

The military media of Al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Palestinian Resistance Movement Hamas, released a video on Wednesday.

Unlike previous videos, the five-minute reel contained commentary by one of Al-Qassam’s field commanders, talking about the nature of the fighting on the frontlines between the Palestinian Resistance and the invading Israeli army.  

According to the commander, all the fighters are now stationed in areas that have been emptied of their residents due to Israeli military orders and the numerous massacres carried out by the Israeli army. 

Instead of engaging the fighters on the battlefield, however, the Israeli army continues to pound civilians, according to the video. 

Indeed, the vast majority of all of those killed or wounded in the genocidal Israeli war so far are women and children. 

Below is the text of the video shared by the Al-Qassam military media, and reshared by the Resistance News Network on their Telegram channel. 

The text of this video has not been edited or altered in any way. 

‘Come and Fight us’

“Scenes of Al-Qassam fighters clashing with enemy vehicles and soldiers on the axes of the city of Khan Younis.

“The enemy thinks that it kills civilians because we (the fighters) are present among civilians. No actually, we, as fighters, are in an area completely devoid of civilians. This despicable enemy has no power against us as men in the battlefield, the battlefield which (the enemy) specified its location, and the field from which they commanded people to evacuate. And the people did evacuate. And we came for (the enemy) in the place that they evacuated.

“But this cowardly and criminal enemy goes and kills our children in their homes— their safe homes—our wives, our women, our children, and the children of the people, the children of the society. They kill them with F-16s and grill their flesh. They bully women and the elderly and civilians in their homes, their safe homes. 

“However, we as fighters are here on the battlefield. Come. Let us show you how to deal with men, by Allah’s will.

“This enemy lies. And it deceives people by claiming that it bombs homes to kill Hamas leaders and Al-Qassam fighters. Al-Qassam fighters, here they are, all of them are in their advanced combat readiness, awaiting the enemy in the places that the enemy commanded the evacuation of.

“Preparing the Television-3 explosive for invading forces east of Farahin. May Allah guide our aim.

“The commander of the 630th Reserve Battalion, a deputy company commander, and a soldier were killed in the operation.

“Fighter 1: ‘Death is coming for you.’ 

“Fighter 2: ‘Wait a bit. They are going back and forth.’ 

“Fighter 1: ‘Here are two (soldiers) behind him.

“Fighter 3: ‘Let Netanyahu get burned (be embarrassed).”

“Enemy deaths as a result of the clashes from point-blank range.

“‘My magazine ran out, let’s go. I clashed with him’.”

(The Palestine Chronicle)