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Remembering Palestinian journalist Amna Homaid


Since the start of the war, Hezbollah has gradually escalated its retaliatory attacks, carried out in solidarity with Gaza.

The early phase focused on destroying Israeli intelligence equipment belonging to the northern command. Recent days, however, indicated that Hezbollah is ready to escalate even further, should Israel continue with its genocidal war against Gaza.

Below are the latest statements by the two main Resistance forces in Gaza, and the Lebanese Resistance Movement Hezbollah.

His early education in Arabic started in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and continued in Pakistan. His serious Arabic training began in 1999 in the United States. He has been teaching Modern Standard and Classical Arabic at various venues for several years with over 10,000 students nationwide.

Nouman Ali Khan teaches about the religion of Islam through his video speeches. He also frequently speaks at Islamic Circle of North America Conventions about Islam, family, and other life topics.

Ustadh Nouman does not participate in any fundraiser event in any capacity.
He does not accept requests for video, audio or written endorsements of islamic projects, institutions & programs.

Reasoning from Br. Nouman: “Even though I would love to engage, I simply don’t have time to look deeply into all the projects, their history & their contributions. I don’t feel comfortable endorsing anything without thoroughly knowing each and every aspect of it. Regardless, I appreciate all the different inspiring efforts taking place through out the world and pray for their success.”