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Israel will be back in the dock of the Hague next month as Indonesia and Slovenia, bring their own case against them! Right, so Israel is going to be dragged back to the International Court of Justice in a completely separate case from the one they are currently involved in with South Africa, and on completely separate charges.

I’d commented when covering the South African litigation that in their case, they had only taken charges back to October 7th and that that left a large amount of scope for another nation or nations to possibly come in and go back further and indeed that is exactly what has happened.

Indonesia is the nation dragging Netanyahu and Co back to the Hague, or planning to at this point, the case is still being put together, we’re very early doors with this news, but their intention is to bring a This also makes Indonesia the first Muslim country to take Israel to court, which is also significant and on a certain level entirely apt.

They are also not doing it alone, their case being supported by Slovenia, making this the first time a European nation will be involved in a lawsuit versus Israel and there’s another case in the offing aside from this one too! There is a growing international consensus that it is way past time this Western backed Zionist project called Israel was held accountable for it’s actions finally.

Right, so as we all await a decision by the International Court of Justice regarding the provisional order requested by South Africa, demanding amongst other things an immediate ceasefire, a couple of other countries plan on keeping the ICJ busy with Israel for a little while longer.

Indonesia, supported by Slovenia, are building a case against Israel that will effectively build on that which South Africa have brought, in that they’re going back before the events of October 7th, a lot further. Indonesia will effectively be building a case against Israel for the last 75 years of occupation and genocide since the Nakba of 1948. That is a lot of work and they don’t have a lot of time to get it all pulled together, they will be presenting their case to the ICJ on February 19th, so a month’s time basically.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said of this case:
‘International law must be upheld. The right of the Palestinian people to self-determination must be respected. Israel’s occupation of Palestine, which has lasted for more than 70 years, will not erase the right of the Palestinian people to independence…Israel’s invalid actions must be stopped, and there needs to be accountability for the violations of the law that have occurred. Countries must cease their support for Israel. The international community, including the UN, must not recognize the legality of Israel’s actions,’

Her Slovenian counterpart Tanya Fajon added:
‘This is a very broad spectrum of alleged violations that have been committed in the region for decades and whose horrific consequences are still visible today’

Source:  @KernowDamo

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